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A very sad ending

December 4, 2007

Well with all things, especially television, you can’t always script how you want things to end. I’m quite sure when CloseUp decided to run Nicky Watson’s, now infamous, “Cricket”, piece last week (as seen in my previous post) they would have been hoping for a better ending, perhaps a re-uniting piece, maybe even the lucky punter who coughed up the fur ball may have been happy for One News to film his receiving his reward (whatever that may have been…guess we’ll never know). But no, it was not to be, all we saw on both Close Up and 3 News was a 15 second piece telling us all of the tragic ending of Cricket washing up on Matarangi beach in the Coromandel. Nicky is reported to have not slept since his disappearance on the 24 November. Maybe she, and the national news networks can now get on with life and the more serious happening surrounding it! On a happier note, the perfect North Island bush rifle arrived today, so we’ll see a follow up post to this one shortly.


What on earth has happened to TV in New Zealand!

November 29, 2007

While watching Close Up on channel 1 last night I was astounded to see this story, check it out below! I could write more…but I don’t really need to! [Check out the part where the interviewer mentions she’s a bit hoarse…Nicky’s answer is priceless]  

Ideal North Island Bush Hunting Rifle

November 20, 2007

I’ve learnt something over the last week or so. After my maiden North Island bush hunt I’ve learnt that things are quite different up here in the North. Where I hunt in the South Island (Southern Alps) a long range flat shooting rifle is required. Calibres such as the .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum and the 243 Winchester are called for, they drive a relatively long bullet weighing anywhere from 87 grains up to 160 gr relatively flat, making that long across valley shot easier. I’ve owned a 7mm Remington Magnum and loved it. However boyhood dreaming saw me want more, so I sold that and picked up my pet rifle, the one I’ve been dreaming about since I was a young chap (too young to have a firearms license that is), the Weatherby .257 Magnum in Mk V Ultralight, nicely crafted piece of hardware…and oh so sweet to shoot. It was Roy Weatherby’s personal favorite and one of his first creations (the .300 Weatherby was the other). Capable of knocking down deer sized game right out to 600 yards (in the right hands of course with everything going your way) I thought I’d found the one gun I would ever need. No so, after four days of dragging myself through the North Islands bush where the 26 inch barrel of the Ultralight was more of a hinderance than anything else…I decided I’d better do something about it. Stage left enter Gun City in Christchurch. The supplied  me with a Rossi Puma in .44 Magnum…but that’s not all. They also offered to customise the length to whatever I wanted so long as it didn’t fall below the legal 762mm length deeming it a pistol (and different license is required for this in NZ…limitations include you can’t take a pistol hunting). The rifle comes with a 20 inch barrel, Rossi also do a 16 inch barreled version…I chose to go down to 13 inches after the encounter with the Weatherby in the bush. Rifle should arrive this week so once I’ve run the barrel in I’ll report back with how this machine goes!

Movember, hunting ‘n’ stuff

November 13, 2007

Well, we’re almost at the halfway point in Movember, Thursday is the official midpoint so she’s all downhill from then on in. Started the shaping on Sunday night, looking a bit rough still…but it’s a journey! People asked why I waited that long before I shaved off the beard, simple I answered. If you want a slice of chocolate cake, you don’t bake a slice, you bake a cake then cut out the slice…I transferred this train of thought to my facial hair gardening. The other reason I waited was I spend five days hunting in the Kaimaniwas with three mates. I took in the Weatherby but unfortunately didn’t connect with anything, the only deer I saw was across the river, and the only weapon I had was a fly rod…not really suitable for a Sika deer. North Island hunting is a bit different to South Island, I’m used to open tops and high mountains, North Island is all about bush…without my GPS I reckon I’d still be trying to find my way out of there! Have added a lever action .44 Magnum rifle to my wish list, far better suited to tight bush conditions. Xmas is coming so we’ll see how we go in that department. 

The Most Addictive Loop on the Net

November 6, 2007

A lot of people post about funny things they have come across on the internet. When I was at uni (not that long ago) we came across this fantastic site Weebl’s-Stuff. Now you may take a look at that and think, hmmm, interesting…for a 10 year old. But I can tell you, there is a hell of good content on there for 20 somethings, especially when they’re in the middle of a Relational Database computer lab…I can tell you, there’s not much on the web that’s boring when you’ve got that to content with. My personal favorite is Magical Trevor , it takes a moment to download, especially if you’re on dial-up (good reason to get off it!) but let it run for a while, after a couple of loops you’ll be humming it…after five, you’ll be singing it in the shower! Enjoy

Summer = Cheap wine!

November 5, 2007

I’ve found a way of quelling the itch of the Mo this Movember…red wine! Who would have thought! Been drinking the stuff since I was knee high to a grass hopper (legal grass hopper that is), so was pleasantly surprised to see that the itch lowers in direct proportion to the amount of Pinot Noir you pump in to the system! Great, so what’s next…well, where do you find cheap wine to the thirst? Easy, check out and you won’t be disappointed! Well worth the effort and cheap by the case. And if you get a bad batch (unlikely), they arrange a replacement or refund. Perfect! Enjoy, I know I will! 


November 5, 2007

Well, here we are five days into Movember, so far so good. The scratching hasn’t really set in as yet…but that will come. And wouldn’t you know it, the humidity has just started to rise…nothing like an itcy, scratch beard/mo to keep you on your toes. Unlike my last post I have no intention of filming myself being de-mo’d, I have however started taking a couple of shots each day (well, at least the days when I’m in front of the computer) so I may pop all that together at the end of the month and see how it looks! For more information on the great cause that we all go through the pain for check out If that tugs at your heart strings, then feel free to sponsor me (or anyone else you know)