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A very sad ending

December 4, 2007

Well with all things, especially television, you can’t always script how you want things to end. I’m quite sure when CloseUp decided to run Nicky Watson’s, now infamous, “Cricket”, piece last week (as seen in my previous post) they would have been hoping for a better ending, perhaps a re-uniting piece, maybe even the lucky punter who coughed up the fur ball may have been happy for One News to film his receiving his reward (whatever that may have been…guess we’ll never know). But no, it was not to be, all we saw on both Close Up and 3 News was a 15 second piece telling us all of the tragic ending of Cricket washing up on Matarangi beach in the Coromandel. Nicky is reported to have not slept since his disappearance on the 24 November. Maybe she, and the national news networks can now get on with life and the more serious happening surrounding it! On a happier note, the perfect North Island bush rifle arrived today, so we’ll see a follow up post to this one shortly.

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