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Second Impressions of Leopard

November 1, 2007

Well, as promised, I’ve had almost a week of gloating and showing off the features of Leopard to my jealous workmates. Managed to find a partner in crime to demo the new features of iChat (Mac version of IM). There has been a serious update to this software suite, new features include screen sharing which is fantastic if you’ve got a mate who’s having issues with their Leopard enabled Mac (unlikely I know! User error may be a better description), during the conversation you can ask to “show screen” or “share screen” depending on whether you are the initiator or not. Once the other person has accepted you can user their computer as if it was your own, they can see what you are doing, and you have a PIP (Picture in Picture) view of your screen which you can switch between in real time. Anything you save or change will actually take place on their machine (and of course if you stuff something up, Time Machine will catch you everytime). This will be especially useful for collaborative work where you work on only on instance of a Keynote or Pages document. Naturally because you’re connect via iChat you can continue to talk whilst making changes, so you’re not flying blind!Another cool iChat feature is one where you can present to a wider audience, they can see both you and the presentation in real time, very handy, no need to fly down for that presentation after all. And in this day and age of carbon neutrality…these are all things we must now consider. Presentations aren’t only limited to Keynotes, you can also share videos and other common files formats this way.So all in all, I’m a happy camper with the new system, all the software works including some of my older applications, both my Vodafone Mobile Connect card and VODEM work on the new version of VMC…very important for me as unless I’m at home within my Airport network, it’s the only way I can connect. Another surprise was my Motorola V3xx mobile which wasn’t supported in the older version of Tiger (although I did have a work around) now works seemlessly…brilliant, I can also connect to the net via that if need be. If you have a Mac, get out there and upgrade, if you don’t have a Mac…I’m sorry! Best cure, go and get one, it will now come pre-installed with Leopard, you won’t look back. 

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