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Leopard – first impressions

October 29, 2007

Well, I’ve now had most of Friday and the weekend to play with Leopard, Apples newest incarnation of the the popular OSX operating system. Having switched back to Macs at the release of Jaguar (OSX 10.2) I can say that this is a great improvement over Tiger. For those that don’t know, Apple have code named all of their OSX releases with the name of a big cat. OSX 10.1 was code named Lion (but only internally at Apple), 10.2 was Jaguar, 10.3, Panther, 10.4, Tiger and now 10.5, Leopard. There are a couple of reasons why I stay with Mac, I do a lot of video editing in Final Cut and work with large files in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, sure, you can do those things on a reasonably powerful Windows based machine, but it is so much easier on a Mac. The last thing I need is a system crash on my computer when I’m in the middle of a 4 hour H.264 encode…that’s four hours I can’t afford to lose. Whilst studying a University I was doing a media course which involved using PC’s…I lost so much work with the blue screen of death that I ended up doing all the work on my Mac and then transferred them to the Uni PC (the instructor didn’t allow us to use our own machines…but hey, I needed to get those projects finished).So, call me biased…I am, but this new update is great. The biggest benefit I can see thus far is Time Machine, a nifty piece of software that backs up in real time…if I delete something and then next week discover that I need it back, I can just go back in time and whammo, restore that file…without affecting any of the other system settings…magic! Also the ability to preview all files without having to open a specific application is brilliant, even on a Mac Illustrator and Indesign still take time to open! I’ll post a bit more once I’ve had more time to play, but first impressions are that this is a great update…well worth the money. 

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